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  Welcome to equipment rental

We offer identical chairs - 2000 pieces.

  Chairs can be used in different places (indoor and outdoor) at any season of the year. We offer full service: transport, carrying and arrange chairs. They can be connected.

Black folding chairs, aluminium frame, plastic seat and back material.

Chair dimensions:
Width: 42 cm
Depth: 49 cm
Height: 78 cm

Seat dimensions:
Width: 40 cm
Depth: 39 cm
Height: 45 cm


  Made of plexi, translucent - brown or white colour.

  Solid material is a guarantee of rostrum's stability. We can temporarily put in some signs, crests etc.

Separating posts.

  Chrome, steel posts with rope (red
or black rope).

  They can be used to prepare aisle, special places for VIPs.

Rope between posts is around 1,5 m. Height of post: 90 cm

Coat racks.

  Chrome or stainless steel mobile coat racks.

  They have adjustable height and they are mobile so they can be used in a different way during the events.

The modular stage or platforms.

  Modules of stages with adjustable height of legs and modular stairs.

  The stages can be easily transformed into: catwalks, scene, tribunes etc.

Size of platform: 1m x 2m
Size of the stage: 8m x 10m

Director's chairs:

  High wooden director's chairs with natural
brown frame.

  Chair's cloth is made of a black cotton and chair has a footrest.

Dimensions (width x depth x height):
54 x 40 x 123 cm.

Barrier posts with chain

  Black and yellow separating posts
with chains in the same colours

  They can be used to prepare special places, aisle, path etc.

A chain between posts is around 2 m. Post's height: 90 cm.
             Equipment rental:

+48 691 555 715
+48 691 555 769


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